Opting out/in

MouseStats is an In-Page Web Analytics Service to provide website heatmaps and visitor activity analysis to increase conversion rates and maximize ROI. You and other visitors' behavior, is used to detect problems, to make a better user experience.
Opting out of MouseStats will disable tracking for this browser by any websites using MouseStats. A cookie is used to enable or disable MouseStats on each of your web browsers.
If you are from EU, a strickly necessary cookie is set (isoptout) with no PII to opt you out of tracking.
By Clicking on Enable, you consent to data get collected by MouseStats. Please check, read carefully, and understand the following rules before enabling anything: Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Privacy.
Disabling is possible by coming back to this page and clicking the following button.

Currently tracking is ENABLED.

You can navigate to other pages if you dont want to enable it.