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Website Visitor Recording,
Comprehensive Heatmaps
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Watch your website visitors. see all mouse movements, scrolls, key-strokes and clicks as a movie. The most professional visitor recording on the web. Also in visitor playback, you can uncover website visitor details in real-time.
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MouseStats Form Analytics can help you to get a comprehensive report of your form based on the behaviour of visitors. You can findout form dropout reasons, conversion rate, time-consuming or unclear fields and many more useful statistical data to decrease your Shopping-card dropout rate and increase Signups, Survey fillings, etc.
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Clicks gives you important information. See where visitors have clicked. You can find out what they like and the things they don’t. or what makes them confused?
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There is 88% correlation between mouse and eye movement. The smallest mouse movements will be recorded in this service and then all data will be converted to a simple heatmap, Now you can find out what distracts visitors?
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Finally, where is the best place for important content? by attention map, you'll have great visual statistics about people attention on your web pages. Simply move the important content to the right place.
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Is there some long pages that you are concerned how visitors scroll them? Every scroll will be tracked and analyzed. A nice Heatmap tells you how visitors are scrolling the page. Do not waste your time with useless segments.
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Which picture on your page attract more attention? Easily draw squares and choose the areas, then compare the real-time charts. Not only pictures, any part of the page.
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You can create new heatmaps based on custom attributes, To analyze the behavior of certain groups of visitors. Do Mac Users make more purchases? Those that come from Google, are more profitable?
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