This is PLAYBACK demo
Start filling this sample form, play around with scrolling, checkboxes and moving your cursor. At the end, just click on "Watch The Recording"

Playback Demo recording

Mouse Movements
Move your mouse to see how all your actions are recorded. See your website from the user's perspective.

Mouse Clicks
Click wherever you want. For example, the following buttons:
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All data will be recorded when working with forms.

Sample Textbox:

Or play with these checkboxes:

Sensitive Fields
You are allowed to obfuscate field data simply by using "sensitive" css class.

Sample Password - we never log any sensitive data like passwords:

Sample Sensitive Textbox - you are allowed to optout any field from logging:
Ajax Requests
MouseStats Playbacks handles Ajax requests perfectly, all of them will be stored and cached for future playbacks:

Major changes in the page structure
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Hello World!

Dynamic Changes / Javascript

Scrolling will be recorded, including all other information required for a playback.

Are you ready to watch your actions?
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