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How to add custom data to visitor playbacks?

You can add custom data to any visitor recording session using JavaScript in a single line of code. for example you can log user details, client side JavaScript variables or any other details for better debugging. Pay attention that this data is not searchable and they only will be displayed in playing console while watching playbacks. If you want a variable for segmentation, you can use tagging features.


Simply you can put this line before the tracking script:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
    if(MouseStatsSharedControl.isPlaybackLoaded()) {
        MouseStats_PlaybackCommands.push({key: "visitorEmail", value: ""})
//Tracking Script here

You can call this function anytime after the page load. All data will be tracked and stored.

How To Access Stored Data?

You can find the Playback Console on the top of each playback page and see tracked data for each visitor. Data will be displayed on the accurate time when you added the data!

Stored data will be displayed at the exact time