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How to get an API Secret?

Accounts API is available for all users. To utilize API, or using some integration, you may need to generate and provide your MouseStats API Secret.

How to generate one?

1. Open API Management.

2. Click on "Configure a New API Access"

3. Fill fields:

  • Friendly Name: Just used in the API Management to help you to remember why you have generated this API key.
  • API Target Project: This key will only have access to the specified project you will define here. It depends on your purpose of use. As an example, you can connect it to the Playback project of your project.
  • Sharing Access Key - optional: If you want to give access to the team without authentication, you need to enter the sharing secret here. You can generate one in the Gear icon beside each project in Projects List. For example: Playbacks > [Gear Icon of the intended project] > Share > New Access URL
    Sharing access key of is e81ef3a7b4ed4de1000e92b8ec95ca10

4. Click on "Create"

5. Copy your API Secret in the Yellow area