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Choose a custom field title in Form Analytics

By default, Form Analytics will choose input name attribute as field name in reports.

Consequently, in reports you will find the name attribute as the field identifier:

Report field identifiers are Name attributes

If you want to use another html attribute as the input identifier, you need to use this custom JavaScript API, and the value should be the alternative attributes which you want to be the identifier:

window["MouseStatsFormAnalytics_NameAttr"] = "data-fieldtitle";

It can be placed above your tracking script, and it should be executed before MouseStats tracking script.

As an example, if your html codes are like the code below, the displayed report will be the result:

<input type="text" name="_name" data-fieldtitle="Name" />
<input type="text" name="_email" data-fieldtitle="Email" />
<input type="password" name="_password" data-fieldtitle="Password 1" />
<input type="password" name="_password2" data-fieldtitle="Password 2" />

You should NOT change identifier attribute when a Form Analytics project is running. You should set the above customization before starting data collection. If you have already a project, disable it, set above code, and create a new project and wait for new data.