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Opting out tracking by cookie using URL

You can opt out yourself and your team from tracking using Opt Out page using a click. The optout page will disable MouseStats tracking in the browser on all domains and websites. However, if you want to disable tracking in some cases such as anonymous testing bots and similar situations, you can go for adding a parameter to your page address to permanently disable tracking on requested browser. Calling page URL for onetime, for one URL will block tracking for the whole domain on called machine for 365 days by setting a cookie.

How to disable?

First to use this feature you need to enable it in your tracking script. Just add the following line before the standard MouseStats tracking script for one time:

var MouseStats_EnablePermanentBlockFeature = true;

Then you are able to use the following features:

Assume that your website URL is, now you just need to call the below URL to disable tracking:

(Consider the fact that adding above URL parameter in any page that contains MouseStats tracking script, will disable tracking on whole domain for just the browser which has called it.)

How to enable?

If you have disabled tracking, to restore you can call: