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Disable services on specific pages using JavaScript API

You can control the running of each service on pages. For Heatmaps and Form Analytics, in most cases you can simply control them using URL Filtering in project settings. But MouseStats Visitor Recording is limited by domain, not pages. If you want to opt out some pages or if you want to monitor only a few pages, you can disable recording on pages using this method.

For some advanced usages in MouseStats Heatmaps and MouseStats Form Analytics you can use this method. For example if you want to disable Heatmap Recording for some kind of visitors(your team for example), on the other hand you need Playback recording.


There are some variables you can set them True before the tracking script to disable each service:

In this example, we have disabled all services:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
   var MouseStats_DisablePlaybacks = true; //Disable Playbacks
   var MouseStats_DisableHeatmaps = true; //Disable Heatmaps
   var MouseStats_DisableFormAnalytics = true; //Disable Form Analytics

//Tracking script here!

If you want to disable all services for some kind of visitors, you can just remove the whole tracking script from the page for them.