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Broken playback recordings

Some playback recordings may not get played properly. This situation is not happening very frequently. However, a low percentage of your recordings may face with this issue due to several factors.

A few recordings may be broken or showing a related descriptive error message in Playback Player. This may happen due to some uncontrollable events.

Why Some Recordings Are Not Working as Expected?

  • Visitors interrupted network: If a visitor internet connection get interrupted while transmitting the analytics information, the end-result may be also inconsistent. Playback recordings data are intensive, continuous and linked information. Any missed pocket can lead to an inconsistent data. We are applying many method to validate and fix many of this scenarios, however we have no control over visitors internet quality at the end.

  • Visitor abandons the usage: A visitor may close the tab, close the web browser, navigate to another website, disconnect from the network, etc. We have no control over these events, when no data get sent, no full playbacks can get generated. This can not get considered a technical issue as there has been not many interaction since the first place.

  • Your website issues (JS, etc.): In designing MouseStats, we have designed many techniques to give the highest priority to website itself. We detect malfunctions in websites, slowness, low process power, high CPU usage, JavaScript errors, etc. happening by websites. Our tracking script will automatically halt itself when detects an anomaly to give the priority to your own website. There has been two options here: (1) continue recordings and take a few percentage of resources, however hurt visitors experience, (2) halt recordings and return all the available resource to the main website. Obviously, we gone for the second method. *MouseStats is not taking much resources, however in low-end/highly-utilized devices, even a few KBs can help significantly.

  • Web browser add-ons: People are installing add-ons. Many of them are controlling the webpages, injecting codes, blocking requests, causing interruptions, monitoring pages, etc. We have no control over millions of of web browser plugins and add-ons.

Why I Am Facing With This Issue Very Frequently?

If you are facing with this issue recently more frequently, let us know! It is not normal at all if it is happening for many of your recordings. Send an email to our support and you would receive a reply in minutes. All your CSS files should get loaded for your recordings, all your webpage images, and everything should work like a DVR similar to thousands of our customers.

We are providing a free test plan, not credit card required, to give our clients a chance to simply make sure about the compatibility issues before any upgrade. Please make sure you have made tests before upgrade. Let us know if you faced with any issue as 99% of them can get solved within a minute.

Why I Am Not Seeing This Every Were?

This is a common scenario among all analytics platforms. However, majority of analytics platform are providing only collectively reports. So, you have no chance to check and watch the pageviews one-by-one to detect this. Moreover, you are eligible for a used quota return for the broken recordings. Send an email to support, and request to remove broken recordings from your used quota!