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Identify a user

DEPRECIATED: In respect to GDPR policies, we no longer support "identify".

For some advanced cases, we recommend you to set the identification for each recording. It is absolutely simple with MouseStats identify feature. In pure JavaScript, in the client-side, before or after page load where MouseStats script is installed:

MouseStats_Commands.push(["identify", "anId"]);

Replace anId with the logged in user in your website.


  • Aggregate recordings for a user
  • Utilize Accounts API
  • Make best use of majority of integrations (Such as help desk systems to link user recordings to tickets)


Is identification searchable in the panel? Yes. they will be stored as a tag too. So, in "Tag" section in filters you can search the value.

How can I attach more data? You can TAG more information to a recording. However, the tags are just usable in the Panel Filters, not API or above cases.