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Mark a form as submitted manually

In rare cases, such as some complicated Ajax forms, detecting if a form is submitted or not would be impossible for the MouseStats tracking script. To achieve accurate reports, you need to a form page views as Submitted by using MouseStats JavaScript API on your form submit event.


You need to call the following function in the appropriate part of your codes when a form as been submitted successfully. You have to call this code inside the page which contains the form. Therefore, calling it after navigation or in another page is not be possible.

   try { MouseStatsFormAnalytics.Submitted(); } catch(e) { };

Please consider the point, if you have multiple running Form Analytics projects on a SINGLE page (Multiple forms with configured MouseStats Form Analytics projects in a single page), you need to pass the submitted form element also in the request:

   try { MouseStatsFormAnalytics.Submitted($("#formA")[0]); } catch(e) { };