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Tag data (Playback, Heatmaps, Form Analytics)

DEPRECIATED: In respect to GDPR policies, we no longer support "tag" and "identify".
If you want to "identify" a user, you need to use another command to set a unique identity to each visitor. Tags are used just within the panel, and for integrations and API usage purposes you need to use "identify" command. Related documentation: Set User Identify

You are allowed to tag all recordings in MouseStats to achieve some valuable outcomes, include:

  • Separating recordings for each website member
  • A/B/N testing
  • Generating custom reports based on business intelligence attributes

To implement this feature, tagging recordings is possible by using a JavaScript snippet. Anytime after inserting MouseStats JavaScript tracking code, you can call following function to tag recordings:

MouseStats_Commands.push(["tag", "paidMember"]);

You can tag each data with multiple keywords:

MouseStats_Commands.push(["tag", "returningVisitor"]);

It is also possible to use the key and value structure:

MouseStats_Commands.push(["tag", "key", "value"]);

To search for a key/value tag, you need to enter the term in this format: key:value

To generate custom reports based on these tags, you can use tag tab in Filter section is all reports:

Filter by tag