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Get Started

To start using MouseStats, you need to put the tracking script in your webpages.

1. Copy your personal tracking script

You can find your personal MouseStats tracking script after signing up in MouseStats. It is available in your panel overview page. Copy the tracking script.

2. Insert the tracking script into your webpages

You can check the integrations if you are using WordPress or similar platforms for a simpler solution.
The tracking script should be in all pages you want to track them. So, if you have a master page or template file, the best place for tracking script is in it. After pasting tracking script, you can control which pages you want to track or exclude some of them using MouseStats project settings simply.

  • Open your website directory(etc. using FTP client).
  • Find your master page/template file.
  • Find the </body> tag.
  • Paste your MouseStats trackig script before </body> tag.
  • Save and upload the file.

3. Create MouseStats projects

Now, to start tracking you need to create projects in your MouseStats panel. Login and create a project for services you want to start using them:

Opt out sensitive fields and private information

We encourage you to opt out sensitive fields such as credit card information from tracking using some html customization. Opting out fields is simply possible using some html modification.

Exclude yourself from recording

Obviously, you prefer not to see yourself and your team's analytics reports. You can opt out yourself using this page. Also, you may want to opt out an IP range if you are a company.